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Take time to make the right decisison

Pick your next Horse from our Team of 50 Safe Riding Irish Horses and Ponies

Buying a horse should not be a rushed decision where you feel pressurised into making a quick decision.

For someone looking to buy a well-used, safe riding horse or pony, we are offering the unique opportunity to come to Northern Ireland and spend a few days riding with us to select a compatible horse or pony from our renowned team of horses and ponies.

Meet some of our Team


Cavallo is an absolute stunner and has the temperament and manner to match. He is rising 5 years old and is the perfect horse for us to use in our team.


Conn has settled into our team like an old schoolmaster. Safe, quiet and easy, this 15.2hh cob is a joy to ride.


This 16.3hh 6 year old is a real gentle giant. Nothing phases him and he is extremely easy to ride. He has such a beautiful nature that a small child could ride him but also give a good rider plenty of fun.


Mable is a 15.2hh sweetheart. She is a very simple and straight forward horse to ride with 3 lovely paces. Her canter feels like you are sitting in an armchair.


This 15hh gelding has age beyond his years. Nothing phases this striking young man. He has 3 easy paces and its always eager to learn and please.


Harvey is a striking cob standing 16hh. A very sturdy and steady gentleman who loves attention and can be enjoyed by riders of all ages and abilities.


Woody is 15.3hh and is a real schoolmaster. Comfortable and easy to ride.


At 15hh, Turbo is a real beauty. His markings are very distinct which only adds to the fact that he is so safe, quiet and easy to ride.


Butler is a 15.2hh gelding with a sweet and gentle nature. He has 3 easy paces and a lovely jump in the arena and on the cross country course.


This 14.3hh gelding is a real beauty. He has proven himself in everything from beginner treks to experienced beach rides. He is safe, steady and plenty of fun.


Kenny is a 15.2hh light cob and is a lovely mover. Quiet, safe and easy in the arena, out on the tracks, on the beach and on the roads.


Blackie is a 15.2 black gelding who has been a much-loved member of our team for 5 years now. So much fun to ride and lovely to jump.


Rocky is 15.2hh. He has 3 forward going paces and comes to life on the beach or on the cross country course.


Check out this guy. Leo is everything you have dreamt of in an Irish cob. His push button nature makes him a pleasure to ride.


Milo stands at 14hh and loves to please. Small but mighty and plenty of fun.


Ollie stands at 15.1hh and his white blaze and feather make him stand out in a crowd. It also helps that he is safe, quiet and easy to ride.


Buzz is a wonderfully straight forward light cob standing 15.2hh. He jumps well and rides easy. A dream to ride as a beginner and plenty of fun for more experienced riders


Say hello to Blue. This easy going 16.2hh gelding has a wonderful temperament and nothing phases him. They don’t make too many like this guy.

Video of Our Horses and Ponies

Here we have our team of horses and ponies in March 2021. They all still have their winter coats but we hope this gives you a better idea of the type of horses we have in our team.

Previously Sold Horses

PJ – Sold

PJ 14.3hh and is a quiet, safe, easy riding, light cob with 3 nice paces.
Stacks of ability with a lovely temperament to work around in and out of stable.


My goodness, my Guinness! This 16hh piebald gelding is the real deal. Athletic, safe and comfortable. Guinness has it all.

Max Sold

Max has been the poster boy with us for many years. This stunning 15.2hh fjord horse rides like a dream and knows he is the star of the show.

Flow  Sold

Flow is a 15.3 hh all rounder. You will go far before you find a horse as sure footed as our Flow. A dream to ride and to be around.

Phillip Sold

This 15.2hh Irish cob is a real confidence giver and super comfortable to ride. A gentleman in every way, shape and form.

JR- Sold

JR is a 16.2hh gelding with a wonderful temperament. He is steady, easy going and extremely comfortable to ride.

How does it work?

1. Lets have a chat

Contact us and we will discuss your riding ability, what type of horse or pony you would like, what level of riding you would like to participate at and we will tell you if we have any horses or ponies to suit you.

2. Choose a visiting option

Prospective buyers can come for as long or short a period as they want. They can also select either our three day Proposed Purchaser Package

Or one of our Equestrian Holiday packages from this website – Bespoke Equestrian Ireland, showcasing our range of luxury riding holidays and progress the search to find a suitable partner.

3. Come and join us

We will have all transport and accommodation sorted for you. Once here, you will spend time trying out the horses that we feel would suit you best. The horses can be tried in arenas, tracks, fields, XC, roads, beaches depending on the package you have chosen. Once you begin to narrow down your search, spend as much time as suits with the them until your decision becomes clearer.

Buy from our team prices

For any horse or pony of your choice from our team of 50 horses and ponies, the prices typically are:

15.3hh+ – £10,000 – £12,000

Horses 14.3hh to 15.2hh £8,000 – £10,000

Ponies 12.2hh to 14.2hh £3500 – £7000

Check us out

View both of our websites, Bespoke Equestrian Ireland website and the Sheans Horse Farm website.

Sheans Horse Farm is our equestrian centre and Bespoke Equestrian Ireland is our tour operating business which allows us to put together all-inclusive riding holiday packages which include transport, accommodation and everything in between.


Research us on Trip Advisor and Google reviews for an insight into our core business and become aware of the suitability of our horses and ponies for you.

Also, view all of the video links to build up an understanding of who we are and what we do and the type of horses and ponies that we have to offer.

Our horses are currently used in all of Tourism Ireland’s promotional videos of Ireland’s spectacular North Coast.