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Pick your next Horse from our Team of 60 Safe Riding Irish Horses and Ponies

For someone looking to buy a well-used, safe riding horse or pony, we are offering the unique opportunity to come to Northern Ireland and spend a few days riding with us to select a compatible horse or pony from our renowned team of horses and ponies.

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How does it work?

1. Choose one of our ”Horse Purchasing Packages”

Come for 1-3 days to pick a suitable companion from our renowned team of safe and well used horses and ponies. 

2. Learn more about us from our websites, social media and reviews:

For our Equestrian Centre section – www.sheanshorsefarm.com

Sheans Tripadvisor

Sheans Google Reviews

Instagram Account

For our Equestrian Holiday Business www.horsebackridingtoursireland.com

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3. Call Danny McKinley on 07821129757 to discuss your needs and to be put in touch with UK clients who have already bought from us.

Buy from our team prices

  1. For any horse or pony of your choice from our team of 60 horses and ponies, the prices typically are:

Ponies 12.2hh to 13.2hh £3500 – £6500

Ponies 13.3hh to 14.2hh £5000 – £10,000

Horses 14.3hh to 15.2hh £10,000 – £12,000

15.3hh+ – £12,000 – £14,000

Horse Purchasing Packages are £150pp per day

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Research our Trip Advisor and Google reviews for an insight into what we do and how suitable our horses and ponies are for you.




Our horses are currently used in all of Tourism Ireland’s promotional videos of Ireland’s spectacular North Coast.