Some Of our Frequently Asked questions

How do I contact or book?

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What is included in our riding holiday?

Our holidays are custom created for individuals or groups. Most of our holidays will include:

  • Accommodations
  • Daily transportation
  • Breakfast, Lunch & Refreshments
  • Horse & Tack
  • Daily Guide

I don’t ride. Is there anything I can do while the group rides for the day?

Absolutely! Our selection of “Out of the Tack” options ranges from spa outings to a helicopter tour of the north coast! Many of our vacation itineraries include some of these options in addition to the riding treks. [Read More

What should I pack for my Irish equestrian holiday?

Pack to be comfortable on your ride! Clothes to ride in should include: riding pants/jodhpurs/breeches/jeans, tall boots or paddock boots & half chaps, riding helmet (we can provide if you don’t want to bring yours) & riding gloves. Do not buy new riding boots for your riding holiday–they will not be broken in!

It is said Ireland has “four seasons in one day” so plan to dress in layers during your time here. In the summer, we recommend long or short-sleeved shirts, warm sweater or light jacket, quilted or fleece vest and just in case, a rain jacket! In the fall or winter, bring warmer layers, heavier coat and rain jacket. Most of our rides are coastal—the wind can be refreshing but brisk at times.

For evenings in any season, casual attire with comfortable shoes or boots is perfectly fine.

Other items to consider packing: CAMERA, rain jacket, sunglasses, sunscreen (yes, you can get sunburned in Ireland!), lip balm and a small waist pouch for the ride.


Do I need to bring my own tack & equipment?

No. We have our own tack—we will saddle fit you during the assessment tour the day of or before the trek. You are encouraged to bring your riding clothes: helmet, boots and gloves. We can provide a riding helmet if you don’t want to hassle with packing one. You are welcome to bring your own saddle but be aware if it doesn’t fit your horse properly, you will not be able to use it —our horse’s comfort is a top priority for us.


How do I know what mount (horse) is right for me?

Our stable is filled with over 80 quality Irish-bred horses and ponies—Irish Cobs, Irish Drafts, Sport Horses & Connemara’s. Bred for their gentle temperament, our horses are fit and surefooted which provides a safe & comfortable ride. Based on your physical height, weight & ride preference–our dedicated team can expertly match you to your mount for your holiday.


What makes “Bespoke Equestrian Ireland” horse treks & holidays different from other trekking holidays in Ireland?

Our treks are unique in the mix of locations and diverse trail styles–there is nothing comparable anywhere in Ireland. Many places you’ll visit are accessible only by special permission and horseback, therefore you’ll experience and see more than a typical tourist. Guided by seasoned equestrians & storytellers native to the region, our treks provide experiences that are culturally unique while providing a once-in-a lifetime exhilarating ride!


Where are you located? How do I get there?

We are located in County Antrim on the breathtaking north coast of Northern Ireland. International guests can reach us by flying into Dublin or Belfast. We are a full service vacation provider and can assist with and arrange travel logistics.


As an experienced rider, will I be bored on this trek/trail ride?

Absolutely not! Filled with adventure and history, our signature coastal treks are tailored for the intermediate to experienced riders–over the course your holiday, you’ll gallop across sandy beaches, ford streams & rivers and climb mountains & hills!


I am a beginner rider—are your trekking holidays right for me?

We tailor each trek to our guests’ riding ability. Treks and itineraries will be discussed during our consultation calls. To get an idea of your riding ability:
Beginner– A rider with little or no experience (walking only)Novice- A rider who is comfortable and in control at the walk and rising trot

Intermediate– A rider who is confident and in control in all paces (including posting/rising trots, two point canters & gallops), but does not ride regularly.

Advanced– Rides regularly, comfortable in the saddle 6+ hours per day, confident & in control of forward moving horse in open country & beaches.

How long will we ride each day?

Our full day treks are approximately 7 hours in length. We stop to eat, rest the horses and explore unique places along the way. Riders can expect to spend about 4-5 hours a day in the saddle. Our Riding and Sightseeing options include around 3.5 hours of riding each day. Our treks include walking and trotting with galloping or cantering opportunities on wide-open beaches, open countryside and off-road tracks.


Are the riding treks safe?

As any equestrian knows, riding is a risk sport. We have taken every precaution possible to avoid unfortunate accidents or incidents. Our riding guides travel with cell and will not hesitate to summon aid if and when required, unlikely as this is due to the temperament of our horses and the alertness of our staff.


I ride Western, do you have western saddles to use?

Unfortunately, we only have English saddles for our treks. However, we welcome western riders to join us—good riding is good riding in any saddle!