Join us to find a horse that is right for you

Recommended Purchasing Package

At a Glance: 1-3 Day Proposed Purchaser Package
Description: Take the stress and pressure out of buying a horse by spending 1-3 days with us. We will select horses from our team which are best suited to your needs before giving you the opportunity to really get to know them in  variety of different environments and situations over the 1-3 days you are with us.
Duration: Option of 1, 2 or 3 days 
Includes: Time spent getting to know you and what you are looking for, Time spent trying out a number of horses, Riding assessment, guided riding at our centre, Riding opportunities in arenas, XC and miles of off road trails.
Optional Add-Ons Transport, Beach Riding, Accommodation, Bringing another rider with you
Cost: From £150 per day

Take time to really get to know your horse. No rushed decisions or doubts about what the horse will be like in a certain situation. Avoid the stress, worry and pressure with our purchasing options.

You can spend as much time as you need trying out a selection of our horses until you find one you are happy with and see them in a variety of different riding situations.
Why not bring a friend or a trusted equestrian companion along to help you make your decision?

1 day package

Join us for one full day where you can spend the day trying out the horses or ponies which we have selected for you. Use our arenas and off-road tracks to get to know our horses and view them in a variety of different environments and situations.
Cost – £150 per day

2/3-day package

Join us for 2 days, 3 days or more where you can really get to know the horses you will be trying. No pressure, no panic, no rushed decisions. Just time spent helping you to make the best decision while enjoying a relaxing stay on Ireland’s stunning North Coast.
Cost – £150 per day (Accommodation not included but can be arranged)

Ride Details:

Join the McKinley family for 3 days at Sheans Horse Farm, high in the North Antrim Hills, with unparalleled panoramic views over 5 counties of Ireland and up to 60 miles around. You will meet our team and we will highlight the horses and ponies that we feel may be suitable for you. We would first like to see you riding a horse or pony to assess if the range that what we have selected would be compatible to your level of skill. There after, try out our range and select a few that you feel most comfortable with.

We will spend all the time with you that you require to test horses or ponies in the arena, after that we will take you hacking out on the trails, up into the hills or on the surrounding farmland. We will accompany you riding if you wish, our guides and helpers are extremely sociable and make for splendid company whilst riding. Once you are familiar with your surroundings, you are free to ride out alone if you wish and simply enjoy a more intimate experience with any horses or ponies that you take out. We trust all of our horses to ride alone or in company.

You will have the opportunity to ride for as long as you wish and to enjoy your day at your leisure. You can cycle through as many mounts as you like, or stick to a favourite or two that you think show promise.

All of the riding will be off road and you will traverse streams, encounter verdant green fields and the wild heather of the North Antrim hills on our 280 acre farm. When you are finished riding, you are welcome to spend time in the evening with our horses to get to know them even better and begin to create bonds between you and your new equine friends.
At this stage you may decide to finish you time with us or else head to rest up for another day at your accomodation.

Overnight: County Antrim

Today you can go out yourself or with us and catch your horses or ponies and take them into the stables to tack them up, to help you assess all aspects of the horses’ behaviour.

Today you will have the opportunity to ride alone or let us know if you want someone to accompany you, taking whatever routes you please, doing whatever you want, as long as you take good care of the horses or ponies. We can also set up different riding situations for you such as riding in traffic. 

There is usually quite a bit of riding activity going on at the centre, hacking, trekking and lessons, and you are welcome to join in as you wish.

*beach riding is an added extra as transport is required but can be very easily arranged if desired.

Overnight: County Antrim

Another flexible day where the itinerary is up to you. You will be left on your own (company can be arranged if required) to explore more of our farm or ride deeper out into the hills, spending the whole day getting better acquainted with a favourite or two that you have your eyes on.  Our cross country course and arena are available to test their jumping and you can also go riding on the roads.  


£150pp per day

Other riders can also come along with you on the trip and can ride with you. Contact us for more details on this.

Accommodation can also be arranged for anyone who may come with you but who will not be riding. Again contact us for more details.