6 Day Classic Ride and Sightseeing

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 6 Classic Ride and Sightseeing Adventure

At a Glance

6 Day Classic Riding and Sightseeing Adventure

These six days of horse riding, combined with some leisurely afternoons sight-seeing allows you to make the most out of your time on the North Coast of Ireland. It includes 3 beach rides and opportunities to explore our main tourist attractions including a tour of Derry City.

Duration: 5x nights, 6x days

Includes: 6x nights B&B Accommodation, 3x beaches, Tea and Fresh Baked Scones on Arrival, 3x Lunch, Knowledgeable Trekking Guide, Tours of the Titanic Centre, Giants Causeway, Dark Hedges, Rathlin Island, Glens of Antrim, Derry city, Spectacular Trail Riding, 5* Coastal Riding, The Best Views in Ireland!

Cost: From £2780

At a Glance: 6 Day Classic Ride and Sightseeing tour
Description: Day 1 – Arrival Day
Day 2
 – Ride in the North Antrim Hills, enjoy lunch in a hillside cabin with views over 5 counties followed by a trip to the world renowned Titanic Experience.
Day 3 -Gallop across Whitepark bay before heading on a tour of Dunluce Castle, Giants Causeway and the Dark Hedges.
Day 4 – Ride the Old Coach Road to the edge of the Glens of Antrim and finish with a boat tour of Rathlin Island
Day 5 – Riding on Glenariffe beach, Glenariffe glen, Waterfalls and tour of the Glens of Antrim.
Day 6 –Ride on Ballycastle beach before enjoying a tour of Derry city
Duration: 4 Days, 4 Nights
Includes: B&B Accommodation x4 and 4x Lunch, Tea and Fresh Baked Scones on Arrival, Knowledgeable Trekking Guide, Riding at well-known Game of Throne locations, History Overview of Coast, Spectacular Trail Riding, 5* Coastal Riding, Trip to the World, Famous Titanic Center, Rathlin Island, The Giants, Causeway, Dunluce Castle and the Dark Hedges, The famed Glens of Antrim, Derry city, The Best Views in Ireland!
Cost: From £2780

Ride Details:

These six days of horse riding, combined with some leisurely afternoons sight-seeing allows you to make the most out of your time on the North Coast of Ireland. It includes 3 beach rides and opportunities to explore our main tourist attractions including a tour of Derry City.

Saddle up with the Bespoke Equestrian Ireland in the mornings as we ride at some of our most beautiful locations. Walk, trot, canter and gallop across the golden sands of Balintoy beach, Glenariffe beach and Ballycastle Beach. Feel the spray of the Atlantic on your face as you guide your trusted Irish cob or sport horse through the coastal paths of Balintioy and Waterfoot. Venture into the wilderness of the Orra foothills and enchanting glens around Loughereema with the sun on your back and a smile on your face.

After lunch, tour the area by car, whilst our experienced drivers bring the area to life with vibrant stories of our history, culture and mythology. You will visit the world-famous Titanic Center to gain a deeper insight into the story of the world’s most famous ship. Visit the Giant’s Causeway to view the 40,000 unique and iconic black basalt columns protruding from the sea and hear the story of Finn McCool, the legendary Irish Giant who forged them. You will also enjoy a unique opportunity to visit the tranquil Island of Rathlin, perhaps sighting some dolphins or Killer Whales en-route. Here you will see quintessential Irish life in its most natural form. Tour the lighthouses, meander along the beaches and get a real feel for island life. Your final day of touring will take you deep into our famed 9 Glens of Antrim. Enjoy some absolutely stunning vistas, castles, waterfalls, quaint harbour villages and hidden bays. Finish the week off with a tour of the walled city of Derry, steeped in History and bursting with culture.

This ride is available daily with times to be pre-arranged with the Bespoke Equestrian Ireland team.

Daily Itinerary

Céad míle fáilte (one hundred thousand welcomes)

Welcome to Ireland! You can arrive in either Belfast or Dublin. We can arrange for our driver to collect you from either location and whisk you off on the beginning of your Irish adventure. You will journey northwards and, if it tickles your fancy, you can opt to travel along the renowned Causeway Coastal Route, lauded as one of the top 5 road journeys in the world. This beautiful drive will give you a taste of the rugged coastlines and sweeping sea views that you will experience over the course of your holiday.

The coastal route is dotted with historic castles and a changing canvas of natural landscapes–incredible fishing villages, quiet beaches, rolling green hills with lush hedges, mountain streams and rugged coastlines with majestic cliffs—all overlooking the magnificent sea.

You can spend the night at your leisure in your accommodation or by exploring the beautiful coastal town of Ballycastle. Ballycastle is a beautiful coastal town which is renowned for its bustling local pubs, cafes and local shops as well as stunning views across the sea to Scotland. No matter what your plans are you must try the honey comb ice cream from Maud’s Ice cream parlour and a pint of Guinness from O’Connor’s bar on the main street.

We can’t wait to meet you!

Overnight: North Antrim Coast

On arrival Mr. McKinley, members of the Bespoke Equestrian Ireland (BEI) team and “Sheeba” the  farm collie dog, will greet you with a warm, genuine welcome before heading to the barn for a stable tour and to meet the team of horses (if you wish, you can assist with grooming and tacking)

After selecting a horse and a riding assessment, you will spend 3/4 hours riding out into the wilderness of the North Antrim Hills with its heather clad slopes, looking down on to green pasture away below with panoramic views over the North Coast and 5 counties of Ireland. 

We will be riding past the old peat banks that were once the traditional source of fuel in Ireland for generations and can stop and do some peat cutting with the old traditional peat spades and get a few photographs before making our way back to the stables.

With riding over for the day you will be taken for lunch by our tour guide to a local restaurant before setting out for our first sightseeing experience along the world famous Causeway Coast. Today we will be taking in Northern Ireland’s number 1 visitor attraction The Titanic Centre in Belfast.

Explore the shipyard, walk the decks, travel to the depths of the ocean and uncover the true legend of Titanic in the city where it all began.

The immersive and interactive experience, along with state-of-the-art technology and attention to detail, helped the centre become the winner of the World’s Leading Visitor Attractions (World Travel Awards 2016).

Overnight: County Antrim Coast

We will begin riding today at Ballintoy on the coast, where after tacking up we will follow an old off- road track with splendid views of the wild Atlantic Ocean, to the breath-taking white sand beach of Whitepark Bay, a 3-mile-long beach on the famous Causeway Coastal Route.
Whitepark Bay is a beautiful stretch of pristine beach located on Co. Antrim’s north coast near the picturesque village of Ballintoy. With a beach so pure it shines for miles (on even the cloudiest of days) it’s the perfect backdrop for a refreshing trot, canter or gallop!

We’ll take our time playing on the beach & in the ocean before cantering over the smooth sands! If we’re lucky the famous “Sunbathing Cattle” will be on the beach basking in the sun’s warmth.
You will spend your time romping and capering along the 3 mile stretch of pristine, resplendent white sand, exploring the area below the backdrop of the rugged surrounding cliff faces which were once home to some of the earliest human settlers in Ireland.
Savour the taste of the tantalising sea air, feel the blustering and energising wind on your face and the radiant rays of the Irish sunshine on your back on this invigorating ride.

Afterwards your tour guide will collect you, take you for lunch to a local eaterie, before another interesting afternoon of sightseeing taking in the Giants Causeway and Dunluce Castle, Dark Hedges and many off the beaten track sites, some of which were Game of Thrones filming locations.

Overnight: County Antrim Coast

Today we will transport the horses and saddle-up in the rugged hills above Ballycastle. We will be venturing to Loughareema, known locally as the Vanishing Lake, an area surrounded by Irish myths and legends. This ethereal lake, on the outskirts of a beautiful series of wild, expansive peatlands is often enshrouded by swirling mists. The true mystery of the lake is derived from its propensity to mysteriously vanish overnight, with the usually brimming body of water being no more.

The ’Vanishing Lake’ is an area surrounded by Irish myths and legends. Allow your guide to regal you with these tales, as you hear of the coachman and horses lost in a terrible storm! The group had tried to cross the lake when it was full of water, which they did not notice in the dead of night in this misty, desolate area. Rumours abound that, when the lake is at its fullest, the ghosts of this unfortunate party haunt the lake.

We will pass a winding laneway and be transported far away from the hustle and bustle of civilisation, where we will have the opportunity to explore a hidden gem which has historically been known only to locals. The McBride Family farm has a massive underground spring which leads to the Carey River, whose gentle, flowing waters will accompany you throughout your travels.

We will continue our ride on the Old Coach road to the edge of the famed Glen of Glendun, one of the 9 Glens of Antrim. This road was the main thoroughfare from the Coast to the Glens in bygone times, and whilst it has long been abandoned, in favour of more expedient routes, this route is well worth traversing. The Coach Road provides a fantastic vista from which to soak in the surrounding beauty of the Glens and the sea of Moyle, in all its glory.

After you’ve dismounted for the day, you will take a boat trip to the peaceful Rathlin Island. Hosting one of Ireland’s greatest bird sanctuaries, the chance to spot killer whales or dolphins off the coast, beautiful idyllic walking trails, shipwreck diving, iconic lighthouses, a vibrant history and colourful arts scene, Rathlin is a haven for those with all manner of interests. Enjoy a day in this unique location, meeting the locals in its quaint Irish village with a single pub and shop. With a regular ferry service, boats leave and return to the town of Ballycastle several times a day. Rathlin is a great place to spend a day or more with one of our local guides!

Overnight: County Antrim Coast

Our next beach is adjacent to the village of Waterfoot and located at the base of the glen of Glenarriff. Here we can canter and gallop across the bay while enjoying stunning views. After some invigorating time spent on the beach, we make our way through what is often described affectionately as the “Queen of the Glens” riding to the head of the most beautiful of the Glens of Antrim, which are a range of narrow, picturesque valleys that run towards the sea. Glenariff Waterfalls, at the top of the Glen, cascade down the gulley between the leafy trees and is a major visitor attraction on Ireland’s North Coast. As we meander up the Glen and through this oasis of tranquillity you will become enchanted by its beauty and strengthen the bond you have with this land.

We will ride this spectacular trail to the summit, and at the head of the Glen we will dismount and untack our horses at the Lara Lodge restaurant, a beautiful location famed as a wedding destination. Here we will tie up the horses before making a short walk to view the Waterfalls up close.
Next, we will relax in the restaurant at Lara Lodge and, over a meal, share photos of your riding excursion deep in the fabled and mystical Glens of Antrim before departing on a guided sightseeing tour of the Glens of Antrim.

Take a trip to the harbour village of Glenarm. Nestled in the natural beauty of Glenarm, you’ll find the ancestral home of the McDonnell family, Earls of Antrim, and one of Northern Ireland’s most historic family houses. You may also want to take the opportunity to call into Steensons jewellers whose beautifully handcrafted pieces where worn by actors in the TV hit series, Game of Thrones. Make your way round the coast road, which is known as one of the top 5 road journeys in the world. Take in the coastal villages of Cushendall and Cushendun before journeying onto Torr head which is the closest point in Ireland to Scotland. Explore the incredible Murlough bay enroute and allow the beauty of the area to enchant you as you look forward to your last day with us!

Overnight: County Antrim Coast


Our last day of riding has come around all too quickly. What better way to finish the riding section of our trip that cantering along another one of our beaches.

We will begin the day in the beautiful coastal town of Ballycastle. In Irish, Ballycastle translates to ‘Baile an Chaistil’  meaning town of the castle. It derives from the 2 famous castles which once guarded its rugged shoreline from enemy attacks. We will be starting our ride at the edge of this quaint little seaside town stepped in folklore, myths and legends and close to the 14th century ruins of the old Franciscan monastery at Bonamargy Abbey.

We will unload our horses at the sight where the Ould Lammus Fair began. The Fair dates back to the 1700s and still draws large crowds today to enjoy street stalls, horse sales, fairground rides and the finest local produce around.

As we make our way along an old path towards the sea, we will get our first glimpse of Ballycastle bay, Rathlin Island and to the Western Isles and Highlands of Scotland. We will make our way down onto the beach where the Margy river, known locally for its Salmon fishing, flows into Ballycastle bay and meets the blue waters of the Atlantic.

We will take our time playing on the beach and in the ocean before walking trotting or cantering (depending on rider’s abilities) across the white sand.

We will continue to ride towards the imposing basalt rock headland known as Fairhead, given its name from the folklore and story of Deidre the beautiful golden-haired maiden who, at her wedding banquet, was danced over the cliff edge to her death by a rival lover’s faithful servant.

We will then leave the beach and follow a quiet, paved road with its sea wall defence, mainly used by walkers, to where it ends at Marconi’s cottage. Here in 1898, Guglielmo Marconi sent the world’s first ever radio signal across the sea to Rathlin Island.

As we make our way back, watching out for seals and marine life, we take in views of the rugged cliffs of Fairhead, which were used as a Game of Thrones filming location, and along the beautiful Causeway Coast and towards Donegal on the Wild Atlantic way. We will return to the beach and ride to the other end, crossing the Margy to view the sculpture of the Silver Swans, representing the myth of the Children of Lir who were turned into swans and fated to swim the sea below Fairhead for 999 years.

Savour the taste of the tantalising sea air, feel the blustering and energising wind on your face and the radiant rays of the Irish sunshine on your back on this invigorating ride.

We will return to the lorry where we will give the horses a well deserved rest. As a wise man once said, “you can’t work a hungry horse, or a hungry rider for that matter” so it’s time to head into one of the town’s eateries. Enjoy quality and traditional dishes with a local twist.

After our final lunch together, our drivers will pick you up for one last afternoon of touring. You will be visiting our second city of Derry known for its walls and history. Enjoy a tour of the Walled City, one of Ireland’s oldest, and most beautiful cities. The character, vibrant culture and rich history of the city are best experienced through a tour of its iconic walls, allowing you to step back in time to gain an insight into the 400-year-old history of the walls including the plantation of Ulster, the siege of Derry, the 24 fully restored canons, the Troubles, the iconic gates and the famous Saints of the city.

Onward Journey: If you would like an additional night of accommodation tonight then this can be arranged upon request or we can help you with your onward journey

What’s Included?

Locations where we ride:

Sheans Horse Farm stables Foothills of Slieve an Orra
North Antrim Hills Ballintoy rectory path
Ballintoy beach Ballintoy cliff paths
Vannishing Lakes Glendun Coach Road
Glenariffe beach Glenariffe forest park
Ballycastle Beach Marconi’s Cottage

What’s Included in the Trip:

5 nights of B&B accommodation Tea and home baked Scones on Arrival
3x beaches 5x lunches at local establishments
Riding at iconic Game of Thrones filming locations Knowledgeable local guide
Luggage transport Horse transport
5 guided afternoon tours Spectacular trail riding
5* Coastal Riding Derry City tour
Trip to Dunluce Castle, Dark Hedges, Giants Causeway Boat trip to Rathlin Island
Visit to Titanic Centre, Belfast Tour of the Glens of Antrim

2024 Rates and Dates 

Every Sunday year round (Riding starts Monday):
Flexible starting date of your choice:

*The above rates are based on a minimum of 4 riders (Can all be from your booking or a combination of other bookings)
Check out our T&Cs for more details.

If there are less than 4 persons booked on the ride, the price you pay will be:

Every Sunday year round (Riding starts Monday):
2/3 persons – £3340pps
Flexible starting date of your choice:
2/3 persons – £3540pps

Single riders
Single riders are welcome to ride individually, or can also avail of the above rates as long as they join one of our existing bookings.
Contact us to discuss price and availability.

 If an additional person joins the ride for the full 3 days, we are happy to give a refund where applicable in event of someone having overpaid.

 ​*Prices are based on two people sharing a room. A Single Room Supplement of £70 per night applies for those who require a single room.

Optional Add-ons

1. We can arrange for you to be picked up at any airport or from anywhere in Ireland and transport you after your riding tour, to wherever you require.
2. Hire of photographer for a day/half day
3. Upgrade to Hotel accommodation can be arranged.
4. Extra night of accomodation at the end of the trip
5. Itinerary planning for non-riding partners such as for Golf, fishing, sightseeing, genealogy. Check out our Out of Tack page and our itinerary planning website at www.premierexperiencesni.com